January 30, 2014

A Street Sweeper and A Judge

   A Street Sweeper and A Judge
   A street sweeper was doing his job when he came across some money lying on the ground. He decided to use it to buy a surprise present for his little daughter. He bought a jar of honey, rushed home and left it on the table, so that his daughter would find it as soon as she came home from school. But, alas,

March 22, 2013

The Best Violinist

The Best Violinist
   A free one-man violin show was held in downtown. People would do anything to see a free show, even if it was a bad one. An infamous violinist was playing his music. There was many people in the show, but no one enjoyed the music since the man was a newcomer musician so, many of them left the show. Late at three o’clock in the afternoon, a school boy who passed by stopped to listen to him. He looked very sad with tears in his eyes. The man was quite pleased.

Audio Listening File

To all of my beloved schoolmates.

I have uploaded the audio files of listening section of the book:
"Strategi Khusus Menghadapi Ujian Nasional SMA/MA. Jawa Tengah: Viva Pakarindo" which my friend got from our english teacher.
You may use it to improve your english listening skill since we will face the National Examination (UN) soon.
Please share with others, too, and use it wisely.

Just click the link and download what you need.
LATIHAN UN SMA 2012-2013 (listening section)

April 22, 2011


Fables - explanation
A fable sets out to teach the reader or listener a lesson they should learn about life. The narrative drives towards the closing moral statement, the fable’s theme: the early bird gets the worm, where there’s a will there’s a way, work hard and always plan ahead for lean times, charity is a virtue.

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales - explanation
Fairy tales were originally intended for adults and children. They were passed down orally to amuse and to convey cultural information that influences behaviour, such as where it is safe to travel and where it is dangerous to go. 


Legends - explanation
To provide information about the way particular people lived, and what they believed. Legends also help us to reflect on our own lives because they often deal with issues that are cross-cultural and relevant today. 


Myths - explanation
To provide a fictional explanation for natural phenomena. Many cultures use myths to explain the world and its mysteries by handing them down from one generation to the next generation. Myths can also pass on cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs and traditions.